Slow Flow Yoga Class

This is a Vinyasa class – linking breath to movement in a flowing sequence. By slowing the pace down, we create an opportunity to refine and understand alignment, create space and opening in the body, and become aware of the subtle energy flow within us.

This class is open to all levels – beginners have time to absorb the elements of a new practice, and the more advanced have time to go deeper into the pose and breathe with intention.

We are offering classes as a part of a 10-class session in order to create a more connected yoga community and experience the joy of a regular yoga practice.

Cost is $70 for the session. Classes will meet Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in St. Paul from September 17 – November 19.

**Individual passes are not available for this session. Drop-in rate is $12.

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