Yoga Calm Classes for Kids

With the rise of mental health diagnoses, over-scheduling, lack of sleep, poor diet and exercise habits, both children and adults alike are stressed and less able to cope with life’s demands. Yoga Calm® is an integrated approach to wellness that will help your child develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness.

Yoga Calm gives children a practice and routine that integrates physical, mental, emotional and social development.

Mad Hatter Kid Yoga

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Sundays, September 17 – November 19, *NO CLASS October 22 and 29.

Classes meet at St Timothy Lutheran Church in St Paul from 5:30-6:30 pm.

Cost is $90 for this 8-week session.

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Skills and activities include:

  • Simple breathing techniques to slow down the nervous system, develop self-control and connect children with their feelings
  • Yoga poses to release energy, learn compassion, and develop strength, concentration, and self-confidence
  • Counseling games and process that develop patience, mindfulness, compassion, leadership, and social/emotional skills
  • Relaxation techniques and storytelling to calm the body and mind, and integrate physical, emotional and cognitive experiences.

Our Yoga Calm 8-week session is open to boys and girls, ages 7 – 12. Through this yoga practice, your child will develop more personal awareness and learn specific strategies to maintain focus and manage their emotions and impulses. They will also work on being a part of a community throughout these 8-weeks by playing social/emotional games as a group.

Help your child develop greater health, self-mastery, and well-being.