Incorporating Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning in Comprehensive Sexuality Education

“My body belongs to me. No one gets to touch me unless I say it’s ok.” This is a key message for our work at…

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Three people standing with their backs to the camera, at a protest, carrying signs, the middle person is in a wheelchair

We Unequivocally Stand with Black Lives Matter

We at Mad Hatter Wellness unequivocally believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that the liberation of all people is tied together. With that said,…

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Supporting People with Disabilities who identify as LGBTQAI+

Supporting People with Disabilities who identify as LGBTQAI+ We get a lot of questions from parents and teachers about how to best support their student…

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How to Talk/Teach about Rejection

How to Talk/Teach about Rejection: Rejection can be a painful experience for many people. Watching your child or student experience rejection can be difficult as…

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Sexuality for All Abilities: How to teach about pleasure!

Sexuality and Pleasure! As sexuality educators, parents and teachers, we often focus on the safety aspect of sexuality education. We tend to focus on abuse…

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Disability and Porn: Supporting Important Conversations for Parents and Caregivers

An introduction to addressing porn as a parent/educator to people living with disabilities. Porn can be a scary or stressful topic for adults to address…

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Body Liberation, Anti-Fatness and Sex Ed

How to Create Size Inclusive Sex Ed Those of us living in larger bodies know that many parts of our society are not created to…

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the work we've done with Upstream Arts!

Check out this article about the work we’ve done with Upstream Arts!

Arts program helps women with disabilities navigate sex, relationships. Listen to Story Audio (5 min, 20 sec) Each Wednesday morning, about a dozen women gather…

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“Sex is an Unhealthy Behavior”

Last night I taught a lovely workshop on Healthy Relationships to a group of adults with disabilities. While brainstorming a list of Healthy and Unhealthy…

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