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Registration is open for our month long virtual conference Heart of Relationships: Piecing it All Together 

Join us in February 2021 for 15+ speakers, activities, classes and celebrations. Most of the events are designed for people with disabilities. Grant partners, educators, support staff and families are encouraged to join as well!

The conference is pay what you can, $10-$30. A limited number of scholarships are available. You can sign up for one or all of the events - as many as you'd like!
Email Leah at leah@sfaabilities.com for scholarship information.
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Feb 1, 5-6:30 pm: Kick Off Event with Katie Thune

Join Katie Thune and the Mad Hatter Wellness educators for a fun and informative evening to kick off The Heart of Relationships Virtual Conference!  Join others for icebreakers, networking, and an overview of events… a time to connect with other attendees as we open up the “conference home kit” of goodies!

Feb 2, 7-9 pm: Movie Night- Groundhog Day

Celebrate Leah's favorite holiday by joining her for a viewing of Bill Murray's classic film Groundhog Day.

Feb 4, 1pm & 6pm: Heart of Relationships Class

Join Katie and Paige from Mad Hatter Wellness to learn about the key pieces of a healthy relationship. We will review our popular tool, the Heart of Relationships.

Feb 8, 5-6 pm: Disability and Sex 101 with Eva Sweeney

For over 15 years, author and sex educator Eva Sweeney has been providing the disability community with invaluable information and resources that is sex positive, queer inclusive...and… sexy!  Eva will be presenting her Sex & Disability 101 where she encourages you to “Flaunt your sexy disabled self!” Eva will chat with you about navigating dating when you need help, how adapting sex toys and masturbation when you need assistance can bring you pleasure, and how to talk with your partner about your disability. People with disabilities and able-bodied people are welcome.

Feb 9, 5-6 pm: Love your Body - Fitness Class Hosted by Thrive Mighty

Join Korie from Thrive Mighty for an opportunity to LOVE your body through movement. Everyone is welcome to join, including your family, roommates, staff, or others who are in your home with you. All you need is a pillow, a full water bottle, and a little bit of space to move around. We will be working on balance, mobility, strength, a little bit of cardio, checking-in with our bodies and minds, and celebrating the moments that bring us joy and make us feel POWERFUL!

Feb 11, 5-6 pm: Fan Fiction Reading

Do you love fan fiction? Do you write fan fiction? Join us for an evening of sharing stories. If you don't want to share, come listen!

Feb 13, 2-3 pm: Panel Discussion: Being Queer & Disabled

Join us for a conversation about the intersection of queerness and disability. Topics such as non-monogamy, same sex couples and and intersections of multiple identities will be addressed during this panel.

Feb 14, 2-3 pm: Love Yoga

Join Anna for a yoga class that will focus on self love, gentle strength and soothing our hearts. All abilities are welcome - participate in a way that feels good for your body.

Feb 16, 5-6 pm: Parent Support Call

Join Parent/Caregiver Education Specialist Kim Rossow in a conversation specifically for caregivers of those with disabilities.  During our monthly parent/caregiver support zoom calls, Kim provides information and resources and answers the tough questions.

Feb 16, 7-9 pm: Mardi Gras Celebration

Celebrate Leah's second favorite holiday by joining her for a night of dancing, merriment and honoring the seasonal transition into spring.

Feb 17, 2-3 pm: Educator Support Call

For educators teaching Sex Ed online - a time to learn about using Sexuality for All Abilities online and share tips and strategies with Leah and Anna.

Feb 19, 7-8 pm: Love Songs Karaoke with Dusty

Join Dusty for an entertaining session of Love Song Karaoke! Love songs through the ages crooned by you and your friends with no pressure or judgement. Sing like no one is listening, or un-mute yourself to the group!

Feb 20, 10:30 am - 12 pm: Panel Discussion:  Dating & Committed Relationship: Making It Work

Individuals and couples share how they made their relationships work & how their disability did or did not affect their relationship process.  Relationships represented in this panel discussion include dating, committed and married relationships. 

Feb 23, 1-2 pm: Relationship Bingo

Join Paige from Mad Hatter Wellness to play Relationship Bingo! Winners will receive a Target gift card! You will have the option to print your bingo card or access it on your device. Bingo squares will be filled with words related to all types of relationships (example: boundary, date, compromise).

Feb 24, 3-5 pm, DHS Grant Partners Workshop

Join the Mad Hatter Wellness DHS Grant partners to celebrate accomplishments, revisit the most relevant material, and develop action-plans for continued Sexuality for All Abilities programming.

Feb 25, 3-4:30 pm: Creative Writing with Cow Tipping Press

Do you have ideas and experiences to share? Cow Tipping classes empower adult students with developmental disabilities to create and share original poems and stories showcasing their unique personality and creativity. No experience, reading, or writing skills are necessary  - anybody who uses words to communicate can participate fully.

Feb 26, 1-2:30 pm: Improv Games- Strengthening Healthy Social Skills

Join Kelly and Michael from MNProv to play some fun improv games in a safe, supportive and creative space. While you are laughing and having fun, you will also be reducing stress, getting to know new people, and practicing the interpersonal skills that are in the Heart of Relationships. A former student told us that playing improv games is a great way to "explore the social unknown in a safe environment."

Feb 28th, 4:00-5:00pm: Closing Event - Piecing It All Together

A time to reflect on what we experienced together in the conference, connect with one another and bring this exciting month of events to a close.