Healthy Relationships Communication Boards


Communication boards are a type of evidence-based Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC). The boards are a mode to support or replace verbal speech for individuals who are non-verbal or anyone who benefits. These boards contain carefully selected keywords surrounding healthy relationships and sexual health, paired with picture communication symbols (PCS) from Boardmaker, the world’s leading symbol-based platform. Mad Hatter Wellness developed these communication boards with the support and consultation of a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and other experts in Special Education and Disability Services.

The boards can be used to support learning and interactions around a sexuality education activity in the classroom, and aid in normal communication in everyday life surrounding types of relationships, places and behaviors, boundaries, consent, private body parts, and more. Scroll to see more tips.

This set includes:

  • 1 core communication board
  • 1 fringe “healthy relationships” communication board
  • 1 fringe “advanced sexuality” communication board

You can choose to purchase the boards as downloadable PDF files and print them however you’d like.


Tips for use:

  • Users can communicate by pointing to a word/symbol or using eye gaze.
  • Users may combine words to create sentences or simply select one word.
  • Users may use the boards as a visual prompt to speak verbally.
  • Have the boards always available in all settings- school, home, etc.

Example scenarios where the boards come into play:

  • An individual can express that they would like to hug their friend.
  • A caregiver can effectively communicate plans to help wash body parts and ask the individual for consent.
  • A student can answer open-ended questions during lessons. (e.g. “what is an example of a public place?” “Online”)
  • A person can express feelings about a crush or romantic partner.
  • A person can tell a trusted adult if they feel/felt unsafe or were in an unhealthy situation.

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PDFs $50, Laminated Boards $30


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