The Power of Me is all about empowering participants with knowledge and self-worth and encouraging them to build their self-esteem. The program consists of workshops that provide instruction and guidance on the following topics:

  • Body Image and Self-Worth
  • Peer Pressure, Bullying, and Cyber Safety
  • Puberty
  • Friendship and Healthy Relationships
  • Exploring Emotions
  • Conflict Resolution

The Power of Me helps address issues like low self-esteem, challenges with friendships and bullying, and other topics adults with disabilities may encounter in their lives.



Here are a few key benefits of the Power of Me:

Self Acceptance

Participants understand that their feelings are not wrong. They’re normal.


They’ll talk about what they’re experiencing, which can bring a deeper connection to the group.

Safer Space

Participants can talk about their feelings, free of judgment, with a guide who cares deeply about them.


Participants experience education, movement, and mindfulness in a community of their peers.

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We offer Power of Me workshops for the following groups

Power of Me for People with Disabilities

Power of Me for Schools & Organizations

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Power Of Me Offerings

Half Day Workshop 

Sample Schedule*

  • 9:45–11:15 Welcome and Centering
  • 11:15–12:00 Workshop 1 – Body Image and Self-Worth
  • 12:00–12:45 Lunch and Art Project
  • 12:45–1:30 Workshop 2 – Friendship and Healthy Relationships
  • 1:30–2:00 Closing Ceremony

*Times are flexible to meet the needs of your program.

Full Day Workshop
Sample Schedule*

  • 9:00–11:00 Welcome, Centering, Yoga
  • 11:00–11:45 Workshop 1 – Bullying, Peer Pressure,
  • 11:45–12:15 Lunch
  • 12:15–1:00 Dance or Self Defense
  • 1:00–1:45 Workshop 2 – Friendship and Healthy Relationships
  • 1:45–2:30 Workshop 3 – Body Image and Self-Worth
  • 2:30–3:00 Art/Snack
  • 3:00–4:00 Workshop 4 – Puberty
  • 4:00–5:00 Closing Ceremony

* Times are flexible to meet the needs of your program

Power of Me Workshop

Sample Schedule*

  • 3:00–3:15 Welcome and Centering
  • 3:15–3:55 Yoga
  • 3:55–4:05 Mindful Snack
  • 4:05–4:50 Instruction on Workshop Topic
  • 4:50–5:00 Relaxation and Close

*Times are flexible to meet the needs of your program.

What others are saying about the Power of Me

You have provided us with such an amazing experience — one like no other any of us have had before. Thank you for letting your warmth, your patience and your wisdom overflow on each of us today!

Karrah A.TeacherJanuary 15, 2016

I am so grateful for the day you provided. I had such a remarkable time; several of my girls were talking about it the rest of the afternoon! They felt so special.

Jade S.TeacherNovember 10, 2015

The Power of Me Retreat was relaxing and helpful!

AudreyStudentNovember 11, 2015

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