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About Power of Me for Girls

Example Workshop Topics:


This workshop is mostly about mindful eating.  We will practice mindful eating and talk about how participants can bring that into their lives.  We will also discuss how to be a healthy eater by using the MyPlate program.

Body Image and Self Worth

In this workshop we will think about what kind of person you are as well as discussing the difference between body image and self-image. Participants will brainstorm what they can do to improve their body image and come up with “I am” statements for themselves.

Bullying/Peer Pressure
In this workshop, we will discuss bullying and what that might look like in their lives. Peer pressure happens at all ages and it is important that kids learn how to recognize if they are being pressured to do something they are not comfortable doing. There will be discussion and practice about how to stop harassment and finally closing with a bit about cyber safety.

Everything we do needs to be celebrated.  This will be a great celebration day to support and acknowledge each other on a job well done throughout the year.  The focus of our celebration is around the community we have built throughout the 9 months together.

Community Service

This workshop continues building on the three rules introduced in our Self-Defense workshop with I Am Initiative. The third rule is: Be Positive Change.  Conduct yourself with responsibility, authority and act powerfully according to what you believe and you will have a positive and powerful impact in the world.

This workshop will cover the basics of dancing with empowering messages on building strength and confidence.

We know that our moods can change from moment to moment while going through puberty. This is normal, but some feelings – like strong sadness, anger, loneliness, and fear – can keep a us from enjoying life. We will talk about this roller coaster of emotions that they are experiencing.  Participants will also explore conflicting feelings and learn how to identify and evaluate the different feelings and learn to make healthy choices.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore different fitness options for them.  We know that not everyone is interested in running, biking, swimming, kickboxing, etc.  But we do know that EVERYONE needs to move their body.  If your child is over the age of 10, they should be exercising at least 60 minutes a day.

We’ll explore the benefits of physical activity – surrounding all areas of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social).  There will be some talk about the elements of physical fitness and different types of exercise (aerobic and anaerobic).  We will even measure our own balance, flexibility, and strength by participating in a health lab!

Friendship/Healthy Relationships
Friendships can be difficult in middle school.  By this time in the year, many kids will have begun to understand some of these struggles.  In this workshop, we talk about healthy and unhealthy relationships, power and control with teens, and respect in relationships.

This workshop will be guided by the girls and facilitated by the instructor.


This workshop includes talk around all the changes in our body and what we can do with those changes – periods, skin/acne, hair, body odor, etc.  This is a time for the kids to get their questions answered while hanging out with their peers.

Stress Management
This workshop takes place in February. Knowing that March is the start of testing for most schools, February is the perfect time to work on managing our stress.  Participants will learn about stress and how it affects the body, stressors, and positive/negative ways to deal with stress.

We will look at the brain and what the brain and body do in stressful situations.  Finally, we come up with and experiencing different strategies for managing stress.

Goal Setting

Join us as we get to know each other and set goals for the school year. When we set goals and remind ourselves each month of the goals we set for ourselves, we have a better chance of achieving them. We will set goals in the areas of physical health, social health, emotional health, and school.

Power of Me Curriculum Coming Soon! Sign up for updates below!

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