Our Parent-Child workshops are designed to increase intimacy with your child and to provide valuable tools to assist in communicating at home. Our goal is to help strengthen the bond between children and their significant adult.

*Note: A significant adult could be a parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt, uncle or you tell us! The goal here is to support the child and whoever is an important adult to them they can trust in their pre-teen and teen years.

Kids experience so many changes in their bodies as they reach puberty. Often, these changes can have a big impact on how parents and children relate to each other. We’ll provide time for mindful movement together, education and questions to explore what is going on during these years of change and discovery.

Would you like to schedule a private workshop for your school, church, or organization?

We are open to designing a workshop to fit your group or organizations needs! We can create a workshop for different pairs, such as Father-Child, Mother-Daughter, Grandparent-Grandchild – just ask, and we can work with you! Please contact us at info@madhatterwellness.com.

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What To Expect

The Parent-Child Workshop begins with partner yoga. This is a fun and playful way for parents and children to deepen their bond.

After yoga, we split for workshops designed specifically for parents and children. Each will learn more about what’s going on at this stage in the child’s life, and how to interact peacefully.

Following the workshops, we’ll come back together for a hands-on experience to bring everything together. We’ll have the opportunity to practice what we learned in our workshops before ending the afternoon with a beautiful relaxation.

Open to caregivers and children in grades 4-8.

What Parents and Children are Saying about the Workshops

I learned some great strategies to better communicate with my daughter and felt more bonded when we were done!

Jen L. - Parent

I really liked doing yoga with Katie and it was really fun to do it together with my mom!

Madigan L. - Student

MinnPost Article: 

Workshops help middle schoolers and their significant adults understand each other

Remember middle school, when hormones took control, changing your body overnight? Those same hormones can also have a kind of shape-shifting power in the pubescent brain, turning even the most sweet-tempered kid into a surly preteen in the blink of an eye.

Such rapid-fire personality changes catch kids and their parents off guard, creating disturbing discord in even the most loving of families. As a middle-school teacher, Katie Thune had firsthand experience with the hormone-ravaged masses: She watched as kids in her classes bounced off the walls — and listened as their parents tried to understand their changed behavior.

“When I was teaching, I was surrounded by all of these crazy, wild hormones,” Thune said. “Kids were struggling. Parents were struggling. I saw the whole shebang. I knew there needed to be a way to get things back into balance. Families have such busy lives, and to top it off, kids’ brains are out of control. I wanted to find a way to help everyone keep the peace.”


Power of Me Curriculum Coming Soon! Sign up for updates below!

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