Mad Hatter Wellness

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for people of all abilities through empowerment, education, awareness, and movement to globally eliminate sexual violence. 

We provide classes and workshops that empower children and adults with and without disabilities.

Katie Thune

President and Founder, Mad Hatter Wellness LLC

For the past 20 years, Katie has worked with children and adults, both with and without disabilities. Her mission is to help people improve their quality of life. In her 12 years working as a school teacher in Saint Paul Public Schools, her most rewarding work was helping children reach their fullest potential, whether helping a child join Special Olympics or teaching a student mindfulness techniques to use at home.

Katie started using Yoga Calm in her own life because she knew she needed to breathe and be more centered as a teacher. When she began using Yoga Calm in her classroom, she saw fewer behavioral issues and calmer kids. She realized she wanted to spend more of her life helping students in more schools reach this space.


Since 2007 Katie has been implementing yoga-based interventions and mindfulness for people with disabilities. She has her Teaching License in Health Education, and Special Education K – 12, as well as her MA in Education: Developmental Disabilities and worked as a teacher for Saint Paul Public Schools for 12 years. She received her RYT-200 training through Devanadi Yoga in Minneapolis and Yoga Calm Ⓡ training with 1000 Petals in Saint Paul.

In addition to teaching her Power of Me curriculum, Katie has done extensive curriculum writing and relationship work with nonprofits like Highland Friendship Club, Lifeworks, Upstream Arts, and Special Olympics MN. She has developed curricula and courses for these organizations on the topics of healthy relationships and sexuality education, incorporating mindfulness activities and yoga.

Anna Hayek

Anna wholeheartedly supports Mad Hatter Wellness’ mission to enhance the lives of children and adults with and without disabilities through yoga and wellness by supporting their social, emotional, and physical awareness. She is honored to be working for Katie and Mad Hatter Wellness as an Administrative Assistant and Instructor. Anna has been practicing and teaching yoga to adults and children for several years. After spending 7 years teaching English Language Learners in schools in the Apple Valley/Eagan/Rosemount School District, she embarked on a new adventure by taking a leave from classroom teaching to focus her work on yoga and wellness. She is a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, as well as a Certified Yoga Calm Youth Instructor. Additionally, she is certified to teach K-12 ESL and Spanish. Anna feels so honored every time she has the opportunity to empower people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to connect to their breath, body and community. She is especially passionate about bringing this work to communities who have limited access to wellness opportunities.

Leah Bauman-Smith

Leah has been a special education teacher for 12+ years. She currently teaches at  Northwest Passage High School, a project based learning school with an emphasis on expeditions. Leah has a teaching certificate in sexuality education and has taught sexuality education to students in special education for the past 8 years. She feels very strongly that all students need to know how to give consent, understand their rights and have opportunities for healthy relationships. Leah also has an extensive background in wilderness travel, urban expeditions and summer camp. Team building, self advocacy and body positivity are three areas that Leah feels very passionate about and has lots of experience teaching. Leah is honored to be a part of such an amazing organization that offers services, support and skills to people who need it the most. Leah uses a lot of mindfulness practices in her own life and is excited to share these practices with others. Leah loves reading YA fiction, exploring and listening to Prince music.

Jacqui Vainik Hartung

Jacqui began her elementary teaching career in 2005 and began practicing yoga in 2009. During challenging moments in the classroom, Jacqui noticed herself pausing to take deep breaths, stretch, or just “be”. Amazed at how incorporating small bits of mindfulness into the school day affected her mood, Jacqui began practicing yoga (at first selfishly) with her students. She has been thrilled to see the fun, strength, and confidence children take on while encouraged to move their bodies in a space that sometimes requires them to be still. And, consequently, the positive impact it has on their academics and social relationships.

Jacqui holds her MN Elementary Education teaching certificate and K-12 Reading License. She has also participated in Yoga Calm and Conscious Discipline training. She is looking forward to being a member of the Mad Hatter Wellness community and connecting with kids through The Power of Me. When she’s not practicing yoga, you can find Jacqui enjoying the lakes, spending time with her family or reading a good book. Her favorite yoga pose is half pigeon!

Dusty Thune, MA Ed.

Dusty Thune teaches Special Education in the St. Paul Public Schools, specifically classes for improving self-advocacy and empowerment.  He is an artist, award winning film-maker, writer, costume designer, adventurer, and snow sculptor.

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