Sexuality for All Abilities Curriculum



Lessons and Activities Designed for People with Disabilities

Supporting the Sexual Health of People of All Abilities

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Sexuality for All Abilities is a holistic program that delivers inclusive sexuality education to people of all abilities and provides staff and caregivers the tools to best support the people served. The Sexuality for All Abilities Curriculum is a series of lessons designed to ensure people of all abilities successfully establish, maintain and explore safe and healthy relationships. Using mindfulness techniques paired with sexuality topics, the lessons facilitate the exploration of topics in a safe environment. Lessons can be delivered in many settings — whether you are a school, district, group-home, employment service, social club, or other group.

There is a school edition and an adult edition of the curriculum, so you can ensure that you have age appropriate content for your group.

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The Curriculum Training is a 3-hour training tailored specifically for your organization on strategies to properly implement the curriculum. The training includes one curriculum kit and there is no limit on the number of participants for the training.

There are also Prescheduled Online Curriculum Trainings. Dates and details can be found on our Events page.

Increased comfort in providing Comprehensive Sex Ed and in addressing complicated sexual behaviors

Implement common language and procedures for classroom management

Implement learning goals/IEP goals for sexual health topics

As an administrator, I see the value in providing the curriculum as well as the hands-on support through training and access to Katie via email/phone for our staff. The need for this is evident across age-levels and these resources have been valuable in equipping our staff to support students as they express curiosity or struggle with situations that they do not understand. Having common language and clear expectations for boundaries and responding to questions has been very positive for our staff - both teachers and paraprofessionals alike.

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Order today and get your bonus, Social Stories PDF as a free gift!

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