We were honored and enthusiastic about expressing our support for Comprehensive Sex Education for Youth with Disabilities in this report, as well as to share our curriculum as a resource. Read more about the history, research and hope for the future of Sex Education for young people with disabilities.

A conversation with Cindy Scharkey

Mad Hatter Wellness Educator Anna Hayek has a conversation with Cindy Scharkey of Permission for Pleasure. They spend time exploring how all people, regardless of abilities, are sexual beings, and deserve access to sexual health education. In addition to background information on sex ed for all abilities and what Mad Hatter Wellness does, they discuss tools, language and strategies for parents and caregivers.


In this episode, Kara Haug of Reframing Our Stories talks with Anna Hayek, Mad Hatter Wellness Educator, and Marco Orlando, peer educator and advocate, on the topic of sexuality health education for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the community that supports them.

Reframing Our Stories with Kara Haug

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Loma Special Needs Podcast Interviews

In this episode, Katie shares some foundational things we can be teaching our loved one such as consent, rules, and guidelines around some of the grey areas, public vs private spaces, compliance vs appropriate non compliance, and necessary vs exploitive touch.


Neglecting to teach sexual boundaries can have devastating consequences. In this episode with Leah Bauman-Smith, they discuss the importance of understanding consent and teaching it at a very young age starting with simple displays of affection such as hugs. Leah talks about how to teach public vs private spaces and public vs private behaviors as well as sensory replacements for inappropriate public self touching.

A conversation on MPR about Sex Ed and People with Intellectual Disabilities

Katie had the opportunity to sit down with host Marianne Combs, NPR reporter Joseph Shapiro, and local attorney Patrick Noaker for a conversation about sexual education and people with intellectual disabilities.

On Air

What is a True Friend?

Campers and staff from around the world came together at Courage North of True Friends in Bemidji, MN in the summer of 2018 to talk about what it means to be a true friend. This awesome video was created as result of a partnership with Courage North and Mad Hatter Wellness.

Middle School Workshop

MinnPost Article: Workshops help middle schoolers and their significant adults understand each other

Learn more about Power of Me Parent-Child Retreats and how they enhance your relationship with the child(ren) in your life!

Check out this article about the work we’ve done with Upstream Arts!

The women have developmental or intellectual disabilities, and for many of them, this is the first time they’ve had any sort of sex education. A new program is using the arts to teach women with such disabilities how to have meaningful relationships while protecting themselves from all-too-common sexual abuse.

Katie Thune Wellness Educator

Our founder was featured in Lake Time Magazine

Learn more about Katie Thune, founder of Mad Hatter Wellness / Sexuality for All Abilities:

  • Katie’s mission
  • Her definition of success
  • The biggest challenge / sacrifice she’s faced in pursuit of her passion
  • How she builds herself up in moments of self-doubt and adversity
  • And more!

Our article is on p 90-91.

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