All people have the right to healthy and safe relationships.

Sexuality for All Abilities includes a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum, as well as tools and trainings, to facilitate sex ed for people with intellectual disabilities.

All people have the right to healthy and safe relationships. Unfortunately, there is a lack of education out there to support healthy relationships for people with disabilities.

People with intellectual disabilities are seven times more likely to be sexually assaulted than those without. We need to change this. Let's lower that statistic together by supporting the sexual health for this population through conversations, education, and awareness.


Tools for healthy relationships & boundaries, specifically for people with I/DD.

Education needed to start conversations about health and sexuality.

A community to work with on issues of disability, health and sex ed.


Often times the people that we serve are not offered the time and space to talk about important topics, particularly when the subject matter may be viewed as sensitive or taboo.

We know that our participants have benefitted immensely by participating in past programming with Mad Hatter because they are able to speak candidly about things they may never have been able to talk about otherwise. This has led to an increase in self-confidence and overall healthier relationships with oneself and with others.

Emily Giannobile


This program is absolutely amazing! Talking about consent and talking about all things growing up. Sexuality doesn't have to be just “this is your penis”. It’s about the relationships you build, building your self esteem and your positive body image. I am so excited to get the curriculum and implement this!

Jessica Mckay



Work with a small, caring, smart, funny team of people.

Tailor our offerings to meet your sex ed needs for all ages and ability levels.

Increase your knowledge and capacity for discussing and exploring topics that sometimes make us blush.

A group of people do chair yoga.


Get the sexual health education support you need.